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InWE supports cross-cutting research and pioneering technologies that address critical water and environmental issues on a local, national and worldwide scale. The Institute leverages expertise from chemists, social scientists, economists, biologists, engineers and architects in an effort to support effective interdisciplinary solutions to these challenges. 

Student Work

The Institute of Water and Environment works with many different students across a number of disciplines on important research and projects. Here you will find our student work including digital media projects, research projects, publications and reports, and more.


The Institute is made up of three main centers that work together to develop research that responds to the multitude of challenges regarding the planet’s water and environmental resources.

The Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC) concentrates on environmental research in the Southeastern US and the neo-tropics.

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The Center for Coastal Oceans Research (CCOR) highlights marine ecosystems nationwide.

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The Sea Level Solutions Center (SLSC) focuses on the impacts of sea level rise in Miami-Dade County and the greater South Florida region. 

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Cross-Cutting Programs


The Institute of Water and Environment (InWE) provides access to water for global communities living in severe water stress conditions through our InWE International Program.


Sustainable Built Environment and Informatics (SBEI) is an interdisciplinary organized research group under InWE with the goal of advancing sustainable design and development for healthy, livable and resilient environments as it relates to these fields.


The Socio-Ecological Systems (SES) working group is an interdisciplinary research initiative under the Institute of Water and Environment (InWE). The group aims to investigate the impacts that human institutions, organizations and beliefs have on our ecosystems. 

Featured Programs and Projects

In addition to its three centers and cross-cutting programs, InWE is also home to several important topic-specific projects. 

SERC’s Florida Coastal Everglades Long-term Ecological Research (FCE LTER) program identifies how the Everglades is impacted by natural and human activities.

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Our USAID project focuses on water, sanitation, and hygiene in West Africa (USAID WA-WASH).

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SERC’s Center of Research Excellence in Science and Technology Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Environment (CREST-CAChE) is the Institute’s hub for research on environmental contamination.

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CCOR’s Aquarius Reef Base is the world’s one-and-only underwater research lab and home to the Medina Aquarius Program.

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