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The Institute of Water and Environment (InWE) brings together university-wide centers, research programs, scientists and engineers to tackle regional, national and global water and environmental issues, through interdisciplinary research and cutting-edge technology. The Institute represents one of the largest collections of faculty and students associated with water-related science in the US.

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The Institute’s vision is to advance the science that is essential in addressing water and environmental issues that impact the planet. By connecting prominent researchers and scientists with change-agents and decision-makers, InWE brings us one step closer to protecting our planet’s most important and imperiled resources.

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InWE coordinates the University’s water and environment programs which provide water management services to people and ecosystems locally, nationally, and across multiple continents. Units include:

Each of InWE's centers and programs play an integral part in addressing the mounting pressure that our water and environmental resources are experiencing. By working hand-in-hand, their research and collaboration lead us toward identifying and implementing sustainable solutions for 21st century communities as well as for the natural resources they rely on in the face of anticipated global change.


InWE was officially created in July 2015 to consolidate research, educational and engagement activities of several centers and initiatives within FIU. InWE was established to focus on broad, cross-college, collaborative research in all aspects of environmental sciences with a specific emphasis on freshwater, wetland, coastal and marine sciences both nationally and internationally. The focal link for InWE is simply ‘water’ – the resource that connects humans, their environment and global change. InWE was built around three key units: the Southeast Environmental Research Center (SERC), the Center for Coastal Oceans Research (CCOR), and the Sea Level Solutions Center (SLSC).