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Institute of Environment

The FIU Institute of Environment is taking the uncertainty out of long-term sustainability. We are a comprehensive solutions center dedicated to combatting environmental crises that devastate ecosystems, disrupt communities and destroy natural resources. Collaborating with local and international partners, our efforts have led to expanded protections for endangered species, improved sanitation and access to clean water, increased community resilience across the globe, and adaptive management of terrestrial, freshwater, coastal and marine resources. We are addressing both current and unprecedented future threats of environmental change. From ridge to reef, we are providing data-driven solutions to society's biggest and most urgent challenges.

The Institute in the International Arena

The Institute of Environment views water as an essential and critical resource for a healthy and sustainable future. Through the Institute's International Program and the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Security, FIU strives to ensure that clean and potable water is accessible and available to everyone on our planet.


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